Casino Room is an entertainment company whose headquarters are based in the capital of the Republic of Malta, Sliema. Malta is an archipelago and popular destination located in the Mediterranean Sea. Casino Room specializes in online casino games, as well as online gambling and gaming. The team that founded Casino Room has been active since the year 1999 and has been involved with the entertainment and gaming business, such as poker and sports portals. The website that is operational today was developed and tended to by Ellmount Gaming Limited. It is worth noting that Casino Room is not only be accessed through a laptop or desktop computer, but is also readily available on mobile devices and tablets.

Among the diCasino Room reviewverse and wide range of online entertainment offered by Casino Room, one can find rather exciting virtual games, such as online slot machines, poker, virtual roulette wheels, black jack, jackpots and many other virtual casino and table games.

For those who are interested in customized games with pop culture icons, such as Batman, there is The Dark Night Jackpot, full of Batman motifs and themes, which all Batman fans out there will most likely enjoy. And if you are not into The Dark Knight, of course, there are many more customized games and jackpots to be enjoyed that are provided by Casino Room.

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