Mr Green Ltd. is an entertainment company whose headquarters are based in Silema on the Republic of Malta. Malta is an archipelago and a popular destination that is located in the Mediterranean Sea. The company specializes in online gaming, gambling and online casino. As such, Mr Green has an official web page which is the hub of all their gaming and gambling operations which is visited by thousands of online gamers and gamblers worldwide.

Mr Green Ltd. was launched in 2007 and their website has been active on the internet everMr Green since. Perhaps, the most interesting things, or most salient facts regarding Mr Green Ltd. are the amount of awards they have received in the span of almost one decade. The number of awards received adds up to a dozen, and have been awarded by organizations such as IGA (International Gaming Awards) and EGR (eGaming Review). With all of these awards under its belt, Mr Green Ltd. is surely one of the leading online gaming, gambling and online casino companies in the European Union. Their name is recognized by many, due to their constant advertising campaigns.

Mr Green Ltd. offers a wide range and variety of online games, among which black jack, poker, roulette wheel, virtual slot machines and online jackpots, along with many other virtual casino games are included. So, the customers are sure to be entertained for at least a couple of hours trying out different customized games that best suit their needs and tastes. When it comes to entertainment and getting the best out of your gambling experience, Mr Green Ltd. might have something interesting for everyone. Let us take, as an example, the “Game of Thrones” virtual slot machine. It is a customized slot machine that can be found on their website with Game of Thrones related motifs and themes.