PAF is an entertainment company that has, for a very long time now, been involved with the art of gambling, gaming and, naturally, providing entertainment. The history and foundation of PAF dates back to as far as the 1960s.

PAF was a project started on the Ă…land Islands, and ever since its creation in 1966, PAF has remained exclusively an entertainment company. The company’s website was launched online back in 1999 and today it constitutes one of the leading gaming sites in the whole of Europe. Aside from online gaming, PAF also provides real life entertainment, especially on cruise ships that nPAFavigate the Baltic Sea and real casinos in the region. The various different types of games that are offered by PAF on their cruise ships and in the casinos are poker, jack black, lottery, bingo, betting, slot machines as well as many other types of casino games.

One of PAF’s slogans is “love for sharing” and, since gaming, having fun and sharing go hand in hand, PAF’s main objectives and expectations are that their customers can have a good time while playing with them, and why not, perhaps even make a profit out of it. Sharing is caring and PAF loves to share and spread fun a
nd happiness around with their customers world wide.

At PAF, good times and games go indeed hand in hand, but also, getting to know other users and sharing experiences with one another is considered essential when embarking on this trip of fun. That is exactly what Club PAF is all about. Further information such as prizes, winners, competitions, events and trips organized by Club PAF in conjunction with PAFs followers and customers to different destinations around the world can be found in the Club PAF press room.

You can also join the PAF family.