Redbet is an entertainment company whose primary offices are based in the capital of the Republic of Malta, Sliema. Malta is an archipelago and popular destination located in the Mediterranean Sea. The Malta Gaming Authority has the task to control companies such as Redbet and, as such, is in charge of issuing licences that allow them to stay in business. Due to this, it is safer for international users to engage in online betting with companies such as Redbet, which are regulated and monitored on a daily basis by the Maltese government.

Redbet offers a range of casino and poker providers and the company specializes in online casino games (developed by Net Entertainment), sports betting over the internet through their website and mobile platforms, as well as virtual poker rooms. The latter is powered by B2B Poker Network, using the lRedbetatest technology and taking every measure necessary to ensure top quality.

Redbet was originally founded in 2002, although the company began operations on their website in the year 2004. The company has, ever since, established itself as one of the leading virtual casino and online gaming and betting in the European Union. To Redbet, ensuring that its users have fun while betting has remained one of the most important premises. As such, it offers its users several promotions as well as competitions of various sorts.

Redbet offers variety in terms of gaming and online betting. There is a vast range of different casino games, which allows users to engage in several kinds of games without growing tired of playing the same game over and over again.

In terms of aesthetics, Redbet’s interface is rather minimalistic, which can give the user a zen sense of calmness and relaxation, as opposed to many other online casino and betting websites out there that opt for more colorful, flashy and visually polluting styles.